Patent & Trademark Professionals in Singapore & Munich
Patent und Rechtsanwälte in München und Singapur

We are hiring

Schweiger & Partners / We are hiring

12619638_sLooking for intellectual property jobs? Schweiger and Partners are always seeking talented professionals. We are looking to hire…

We provide a cooperative and motivated atmosphere with an international flair.

If you intend to join us, please send us a short email with your CV attached, describing how you would like to re-inforce our team.

Patent and Trademark Professionals (and those who want to become one): please send us a link to your Xing and/or LinkedIn profile and tell us how we can find more information about you in common search engines (e.g. “Goals of Matt Hames“, if your name is “Matt Hames”).

Work With Us

If you are looking for intellectual property jobs and interested in working with Schweiger & Partners, please contact us.

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