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Can Software Inventions Be Patented?

Yes, they can!

Yes, It Is Possible To Get Software Patented!

Did You Know?

It is a common misconception that copyright is the only type of protection for software inventions. There are, however, various forms of deeper intellectual property (IP) protection available for software inventions.

This is especially so if the development or output of such software involves an adequately inventive process, or is proven to be significantly innovative compared to the other solutions in the market.

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Common Myths in Patenting

With cyber-security best practices, my original code and IP are safe.

In actual fact, once the software is published, the source code can be reverse-engineered by anyone, and this removes the protection covered by copyright. Trained engineers are able to replicate programs in such manners in a matter of hours, or even minutes with the help of scripts.

Filing an IP protection with the governmental office wards off pirates adequately.

The IP laws of most jurisdictions are considered ambiguous at best. In fact, many legal documents and procedures are open for interpretation by the judiciary in the event of a claim. If you are an inventor of a groundbreaking software program, it is imperative to have some basic knowledge in this area.

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