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The Product Development Cycle

Entrepreneurs often rush in developing and launching new and potentially patentable ideas, and that speed in progressing towards market validation is often treated with a premium.

At Schweiger & Partners, we want to help you, the investor to these entrepreneurs, provide a framework that puts technical feasibility into these metrics. Together, we help your founders move and adapt with the market, optimizing your investment as well.

The 4x4 Innovation Framework

Here, we display a matrix that summarizes the 4×4 (four stages, four tactics per stage) framework in our firm’s Product Innovation Strategy.

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The Four Stages of Innovation

Stage 1: Idea

Really just an idea - developed within a spark of the moment.

Stage 2: Conceptual Model

A simple model or thought that shows that the idea can work. The product is not in the picture at this stage.

Stage 3: Prototype

Bears some similarities to the end product, but mainly used for testing and not ready for launch. Most entrepreneurs would be familiar with this.

Stage 4: Product V1.0

A market-ready version synergising the idea, conceptual model, and prototype, is market-ready, and users would likely pay for it.

Four Tactics in Each Stage

Research & Development

Characterises the technical know-how needed to launch your product idea. Led by the entrepreneurial/invention team.

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Ensures that the invention gets to the market without legal infringement. Often seen as the ‘shield’ in innovation and eventual sale-ability.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Prevents your idea from being ‘stolen’ while you speak to partners, investors, and clients. Often seen as the ‘sword’ to enable you to move into the market.

Market Validation

Ensures that the invention gets to the market without legal infringement. Often known as the ‘shield’ in market validation.


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