Deutsch ist unsere wichtigste Arbeitssprache. Damit können wir Ihnen nicht nur in Deutschland sondern auch in Asien helfen.

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We can help you if you are a law firm in the area of Intellectual Property or a patent or trademark department of a larger company.
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如果您是一家知识产权法律事务所或是一家大公司的专利或商标管理部门,我们必定可以协助您。新加坡和慕尼黑是我们事务所通往欧洲的门户,也是我们在亚洲与美洲培育商业网络 以及为客户提供知识产权法律服务的中心。
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We welcome our fellow citizens in Singapore. We are a Singapore IP Service Provider with a German background. We support local companies and law firms when it comes to IP.

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Patent & Trademark Professionals in Singapore & Munich

Schweiger & Partners focuses on Intellectual Property and on related commercial law matters in Europe and in Asia.

At Schweiger & Partners, we successfully combine legal, technical and scientific know-how. The patent agents of the firm and a team of qualified patent engineers and trademark agents make every effort to serve the needs of our clients based on a broad range of technical backgrounds and legal experience. Almost every patent agent of our firm has at least a masters degree in science or engineering and hands-on experience in a specific technical area.

Our philosophy is to assist our clients in recognizing and exploiting Intellectual Property as a business asset which complements our clients’ business objectives. We offer Intellectual Property services to fit the needs and budgets of all our clients, whether they be large corporations, SMEs or start-up companies.

What makes the firm particularly attractive to clients and different from the majority of other European IP firms is the fact that it is not only a filing and prosecution firm but also a litigation firm (Munich Office only). The litigating lawyers form in-house teams with those patent attorneys who have the required technical background for the specific case.

The firm handles patent, trademark and design model infringement, passing-off and copyright matters. For our clients, we are constantly involved in intellectual property issues in Germany and in Singapore.

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